Top Method to Export Zoho Email in PST Format on Windows 10 & Below


Having issues in saving your emails into PST format from Zoho account? Do you feel difficult to carry single emails file in EML format and want to get all emails in a single file, say PST file? Don’t worry at all. The Zoho PST Migration Tool is intended to create the direct conversion of all Zoho emails into PST file. Go down and learn to export Zoho mail to PST using the simple Zoho mail PST migration software. Download and use the application in order to save Zoho emails in PST directly without the installation of any Microsoft application.

ZOHO Mail Export to PST – One Time Solution

Zoho PST Migration Tool is the founded utility designed to convert and save all emails in Zoho online account to PST file format. You don’t need to perform any sort of configuration procedure. With this application installed you need to perform the simple steps defined below and save Zoho data to computer.

Steps to Export Zoho Mail to PST Format

  • Step 1: Login Securely with Zoho account credentials (personal / business)
  • Step 2: Select PST backup format
  • Step 3: Click on Browse and select a location to save the file
  • Step 4: Click on Start button

This process will download all your Zoho emails on computer hard drive in PST format. In addition to this, there are multiple functionalities that the utility offers for comfort and satisfactory email migration.

Scenario Based Functionalities of Zoho PST Migration Tool

Along with the function to download all emails from online Zoho mail to computer hard drive in a single file, it consists many other functions.

Situation 1: Filter Emails

A user among you don’t not want to download all the emails and save it on the local hard drive, then what is the significance in using this utility. For such situations, the user is allowed an option of data filtering. With this functionality, you can set a range from which the emails will be exported and all the rest emails are skipped. This helps in the application performance and time efficiency. In addition, you will require less space to save your important emails on the local storage. Moreover, you have option to save the data directly onto an external hard drive. For this you require to have the external hard drive/ Pen drive connected to the on-premise system.

Situation 2: Free Account Storage

A user’s account is filling fast and he does not want to loss any of his/her data as all are important. Know what to do in such a case. One option is to take backup of Zoho email in EML format (using the inbuilt export option), download the data to local system. Then delete all emails manually. For users having a large number of emails, this option becomes very difficult. Zoho PST Migration Software has a feature of Delete after Download. This option functions to download the selected emails to the local hard drive in PST format, then delete the same emails from the Zoho account on a permanent basis. This helps out the users to safeguard their emails providing space for the new incoming messages.

Situation 3: Manage ZOHO Mail Export to PST Migration Process

The situation occur where the region internet connectivity is creating issue in download the Zoho mail data. The process always gets ended without completing the process. In such situation what once can do where internet connectivity is creating the problem. To deal with it, the Zoho to Outlook File conversion application has two options included in the utility. They are known as Pause and Resume. The Pause option discontinues the ongoing export process and the resume option operates to restore the process back from where it was stopped. This function helps to secure the download process success and abandoning the ongoing process due to network connectivity issue.

Situation 4: Work in Multiple Languages

There are many times when the language creates an issue as it becomes difficult to understand. Sometime we feel comfortable using our own language over the default language for comfort working. This in mind, the Zoho email migration tool is designed to work in multiple languages. The application has all the UI changed to respective selected language so that user comfortably perform the mail migration procedure. This utility consists six various languages, namely, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, French, and English. English is set as the default language. You can switch the language before signing in to the tool.

There were some facilities offered within the application so that you find the process easy and comfortable to perform as required. If you want to know how Outlook is used for Zoho mail export to PST format. Then, its better you go down and see the process of Zoho mail Microsoft Outlook configuration. It will guide you the whole process. Please be sure, you have to process each step carefully as one step down may fail the whole process.

Zoho Mail to Microsoft Outlook Application

If you need to directly add Zoho mail to Outlook, then do the procedure as shown below and you will can export Zoho mail to PST easily.

Step to Link Zoho Mail to Outlook

  1. Launch MS Outlook application on your system
  2. Go to File menu and click on Add Account option
  3. Choose Manual setup or additional server types for account addition
  4. Choose POP or IMAP option
  5. Enter Your name and Email address in User Information section
  6. Choose IMAP as the Account type
  7. Enter for Incoming mail server beside Outgoing mail server
  8. Then enter User name and Password of Zoho account
  9. Click More Settings... option
  10. Go to Outgoing Server tab and check for My outgoing server requires authentication.
    Also, select Use same settings for incoming mail server option.
  11. Then go to Advanced tab and enter 993 beside Incoming server and 465 beside Outgoing server.
  12. Select SSL encryption for both Server Ports.
  13. Click on OK button. Click on Next button. When verification is completed, click on Finish button


In the article, we have described a simple solution to export Zoho mail to PST file. The method is accomplished using the Zoho PST Migration Tool. There are many comfortability patterns included that will help you get all Zoho emails downloaded in a single file. It will easy to transfer and safeguard the data if the data in encapsulated in a file. The article previews a lot more about the Zoho mail export to PST file migration method.