About Us

OutlookWare, one of the leading email migration company, which built software to simplify the complex migration of Outlook database items into various other file formats. The product is one of the major developments and is a leading product of its respective arena, available online. Built with a constant combination of deeply tested algorithms as well as techniques that make Outlook conversion well-suited application for Commercial, Enterprise, Home Based, and even Forensic purposes. The application is developed to suit enterprise based usage with the help of director migration of Outlook PST database in bulk to Gmail/Google Apps, Office 365, Exchange Server, Lotus Notes, etc. However, the facilities may differ based on the purchase license under which the software is being used. Besides with the conversion services provided on a large scale by OutlookWare software, the 24*7 Technical Support service come as an additional help in assisting in the database export or purchase procedures respectively.

Vision & Mission

We are excellent in Outlook Database migration arena, so our aim to provides the reliable solution for customers around the globe. To make sure that round the clock technical support facility for the level of user’s satisfying services. To offer timely advancements and make conversion services available for all groups of users without any fallbacks of any experienced kind.

Milestones and Technology Partners

Association with a brand name like OutlookWare supported Outlook in achieving a number of prominent milestones and top technology partners. The milestones achieved includes - migration services for Outlook database into IBM Notes Data File, Live Exchange Server, MS Office 365 etc. to some outstanding clients; Wipro, Acer, Cisco, GE, Dell, and many more.

Apart from that, owing to the great achievements made in the technology arena also earned some of the top technology partners like; Amazon Software – amongst the greatly successful platforms for customers across the globe.